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Visual English Dictionaries To Learn English On Line

Hey Boys & Girls,

Here is a list of awesome English dictionaries that you can use to learn English on line that my buddy Tiago just told me about as we were chatting on Google Talk. They are really cool tools to help you improve your English vocabulary.

Visual Dictionary Online - Just take a quick glance at the index to connect words with images. There are 15 major themes you can explore with over 6,000 images so you can see words like never before.

The Visual Dictionary - This academic tool allows you to learn English by way of images which are separated clearly on themed dictionary pages. It's different from an encyclopedia or from a traditional online dictionaries, thesauri and glossaries because the images replace the words. Play around with it and have fun.

Visuawords Full-screen Dictionary - Just type in any English word you want to learn how to use. Many other words will pop-up with color-coding so you know exactly what part of speech it is and what category it falls under.

Check each of these visual English dictionaries out and leave your feedback about them in the comments below. Also, if you know of others that you can recommend...add them for other students to find. ;)


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